Application Development

If you have big ideas, expose yourself to complex problems, and want the very best from a business, IUX IT can help.

IUX IT provides Application Development and Maintenance for Web, Mobile, and Desktop services. We pride ourselves on our understanding of every business. Nevertheless, as a client, you should keep the following in mind:

  • You have an idea in mind. Now, analyze the idea by considering business requirements, market needs, target audience, etc. After that, strategize the development process.
  • Good! Now you have a strategy. By keeping the above determinants in mind, decide the features, UI, and UX design of the application. Here comes IUX IT to help you. 
  • Once the designing part is completed, we can proceed with coding and develop a final product following the app development strategy.
  • We are half done. Now, you have to decide on the application. When you are satisfied with your application, approve it, and we will finalize it. 
  • Finally, we will conduct testing for the end product to troubleshoot any technical glitches and ensure its proper function.

Now, you know how IUX IT application development services work. Book a free consultation with an IUX IT expert to discuss your business requirements.


Read Our Frequently Asked

Yes, we can. Most of our apps support both iOS and Android platforms. It’s natural for people to want their applications to operate across web and mobile devices, so we utilize development frameworks to support both platforms quickly.

Yes, we do. Every mobile app requires a web-based application behind the scenes to manage it. Simply put – to log into an app, you will need a web server in the background, serving the app with data that is reviewing whether you have permission to log in or not.

Of course, you can, and we highly recommend it at IUX IT. You should start by launching the simplest possible version of your idea and stretch to modify it over time. It is important because you can’t test your ideas, which are based on many hypotheses until you release something to the world. After release, you can test your assumptions and use this information to decide on future requirements and priorities. 

Even if everything goes 100% perfectly when we deliver the application over to you, you will need to check that everything runs as expected. Then we will sign-off on the work with certainty that we’ve delivered the project to meet your specification.

At IUX IT, we take payments on-site or in-app using a third-party payment provider such as Stripe or PayPal. Stripe and PayPal fall into the end-to-end category, which means you use their service, and they handle both the merchant services and fund collection for you and provide you with a dashboard. You have a balance that accrues with every sale, and payments are made into your bank account at regular intervals, usually every seven days. End-to-end is the simplest option; for example, Stripe charges 1.4% +20p (at the time of writing) for European cards and 2.9% +20p for non-European cards.

This is a tricky one. Nevertheless, to know if your app idea is any good, we have a suggestion – perform serious market research. Begin by researching for competitors. In this way, you will learn about your market size. Find out the target audience to validate your idea. Finally, design a business plan. Don’t forget to go digital with your idea, and with the help of IUT IX services, you’ll know if your app idea is any good. We are confident that your idea has a lot of weight; therefore, we will help you ensure you are earned more than bought.

Yes, we can easily develop an app for your website. We use cloud databases so that the data will be synchronized across your website and mobile app.

You will be the sole owner of the source code upon final payment.